Another Research Day

Been getting dizzy trying to decide between direct hub drive or belt drive for an electric skateboard.

Looking at videos of the Benchwheel Penny, which is intriguing. It’s belt drive.

Also the Acton S series, which is less intriguing. It’s hub drive.

And thinking about micro electric skateboards. They’re all hub drive.

And still lusting for a Sanyo-battery Meepo Penny Single (which someone already has in the U.S. — hurry up with that damn video!). Another hub drive.

People either really, really know what they want or they roll the dice and are happy (or pretend to be happy on YouTube) with what they buy.

What I really, really want doesn’t exist yet (as usual!). Because battery technology isn’t following Moore’s Law. Aside from stored energy capacity doubling every eighteen months, I’d want battery weight reductions too. Weight, size, and range matter to me. But range could be manipulated if every damn electric skateboard had swappable batteries. I’ve seen some that have battery wires actually soldered to circuit boards. How backward is that? Price is also a factor, of course, otherwise I’d go straight for that Mellow Board kit.

Let me get back to confusing myself now …

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