Spectra Electric Skateboard Unboxing

This isn’t the first one. Hell, the video isn’t even in English. But it’s done meticulously and by the guy who did the world’s first unboxing of the Ninebot/Segway Kickscooter. So it’s worth posting here and worth seeing.

The Spectra is another crowdfunded project. What differentiates it from other electric skateboards — aside from size and its sleek, futuristic design — is that there’s no handheld remote control. Spectra has devised a “3D posture” control system that requires specific foot positioning to start, accelerate, and brake.

I want to call that “bizarre,” but that would place me in the same camp as those who ridiculed the idea of typing on glass when Apple introduced the iPhone. All I know is that this scheme defeated someone as experienced as Casey Neistat. But there’s at least one guy on YouTube who recently received it and is thrilled.

There’s an option to control it via an app too. But who wants to risk their phone like that? Yes, I know people do it all the time in a worse way: Their phone on a Selfie Stick while riding a board. But still. Remote controls are very inexpensive.

See several videos after the break.

Since this post is being done via the borrowed Asus craptab — yes, I’m typing on glass! — it’s too frustrating to include several screensnaps. But I managed to get a very important one:

It has a UL Approved sticker. How many other electric skateboards have that?

The videos:

SPECTRA 體感電動滑板開箱到貨啦! & 簡易開箱


Boosted Board Killer? Spectra Pro Electric Skateboard Review in Vlog

Electric Skateboard Spectra Pro Review **UPDATE

If parent company Walnutt ever decided to release a less pricey model with a remote control, I think they’d find a hit on their hands. It’s a gorgeous board.

Previously here:

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