Singapore Pushes For “Car-Lite” Nation

LTA cuts vehicle growth rate to zero

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced on Monday (Oct 23) that Singapore’s vehicle growth rate will be cut to zero, down from the current 0.25 per cent, for all private passenger cars (Categories A and B) and motorcycles (Category D).

The change will take effect from February next year as the Government continues to steer Singapore towards becoming a car-lite society.

Singapore continues to push back against the proliferation of cars.

They lead in personal electric transport, muscular eScooters are popular there, and they have a great domestic electric skateboard too.

What they’re doing is very interesting. Being car-lite can’t work for every nation but accommodating personal electric transport can work for every nation.

And more nations should do it.

After the break, a video commentary from Jamie Lim, a PMD advocate and former car owner in Singapore.

LTA cuts vehicle growth rate to zero! Now is the time to buy a PMD!!

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