It’s Onan Booster Research Day At This Blog

Blame Andrew Penman. Despite finding the Arc Board, Andrew’s videos keep pulling at me. He’s such a damn salesman!

I keep ruling out the Onan.

But then I saw a video.

Of course, first are the obligatory screensnaps.

Just look at that:

A small deck:

That’s wide and despite being compact still long enough for the Mellow Boards install — and the Onan Booster too:

And it can be stuffed in a backpack:

This seems like bliss.

Swappable battery on a compact board with more foot room than a Penny yet still easy to carry.

The specific deck in the video is the Micro-Me, from Quinboards in Germany:

Achtung! That price! That’s about US$135 at post time. Still, a good deck can last forever and can be reinstalled on other future things too.

But there are no American dealers. I wonder if there’s an American company with a deck that size? I must do research.

As far as the Onan Booster goes, it’s available from a U.S. supplier: Griffin Boards. But shipping times from them seem a bit sketchy: 15-30 days? Sounds like they take an order then send it to Onan in China, wait for China, receive it, and then reship it domestically. Hmph.

Anyway, until I have money in hand, I will keep all options still open. This is an interesting one. It’s the first time I’ve seen a small deck with a Mellow/Onan that didn’t look awkward or look like a Suicide Ride, like this one:

Now the video:

Quinboards Micro Me – Mellow Boards Tinder

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3 Responses to It’s Onan Booster Research Day At This Blog

  1. Gio says:

    Hey I’m looking this deck or something similar to build a mellow board, do you know of any decks similar to this? Thanks

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