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YouTube FAIL

I watched a few Who Wants To Be A Millionaire theme remixes and now my electric skateboard recommendations have been pushed out: Idiot algorithm.

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Penny Board Made Electric Via China Transplant

“DIY” electric Penny board! I bought a cheap 100USD chinese electric skateboard and “transplanted” the electronics and trucks to my Penny board. Took about an hour to do. Top speed 20km/h (12mp/h) with a range of about 10km (6.2miles). The … Continue reading

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Onan Booster Research Not Over Yet

I’m waiting for Andrew Penman to post his final video about it. That will be sometime next week (he says Monday, but we know things can slip). In the meantime, I’ve come across another Onan Booster — the X2 — … Continue reading

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YouTube And The Threats Of HuluYu, AppleYou

I’ve been using YouTube these days as much as I’ve used Twitter in the past. And I’m getting more value out of it than my latter days on Twitter. Just like Twitter, YouTube has a problem. And it’s bigger than … Continue reading

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Casey Neistat Dismisses The Kuickwheel Micro Electric Skateboard

Man, does this guy get a lot of free merch: But he’s selling a lot of it on eBay to benefit Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria victims. He’s raised over US$30,000 so far. So that’s great. (You can help too!) In … Continue reading

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Is There An Android App Like iOS-Only Vidometer?

I’m being a bit lazy here. But I expect researching this would take a hell of a lot more time than just asking here. Vidometer is an iOS-only app I’ve seen used in many ride videos. It places a speedometer, … Continue reading

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