Is There An Android App Like iOS-Only Vidometer?

I’m being a bit lazy here. But I expect researching this would take a hell of a lot more time than just asking here.

Vidometer is an iOS-only app I’ve seen used in many ride videos. It places a speedometer, odometer, map, and even more (optional), over iPhone video footage of the ride being recorded.

Is there anything like that for Android? Or even for specific action cams?

Same-day update after the break.

Being impatient, I did some quick research and ran across this:

Add GPS Data Overlays to GoPro Video For Free!

But I’d still rather have an Android all-in-one app that does that. Preferably with 4K video recording too.

Right now, it seems I’d have to get an iPhone for this. And that’s a very expensive proposition, given the way Apple tiers pricing with a huge jump from 16GBs of storage (a laughable and almost-useless amount!) to 64 or 128GBs.

Of course, I could always go with an action cam, but that’s an entirely new level of research! I’m open to advice for them too.

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2 Responses to Is There An Android App Like iOS-Only Vidometer?

  1. Fred Duck says:

    I have some good news.

    iPhone SE, 6s, and 7 start at 32GB, +$100 for 128GB.
    8 and X start at 64GB, +$150 for 256GB.

    So, there are no more 16GB iPhones! Also, while iPhones get software updates for years, most android phones are never supported at all.

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