YouTube And The Threats Of HuluYu, AppleYou

I’ve been using YouTube these days as much as I’ve used Twitter in the past.

And I’m getting more value out of it than my latter days on Twitter.

Just like Twitter, YouTube has a problem.

And it’s bigger than their search being the absolute worst thing I’ve ever encountered.

It’s that YouTube is turning into Twitter.

And that makes YouTube very vulnerable to being replaced.

See this video by Casey Neistat:


Unlike Twitter — which no one wants to touch with a ten-foot pole wrapped in multiple layers of Hazmat protection — YouTube could be damaged by at least two competitors:

1) Hulu. If Hulu wanted a piece of YouTube, they could create HuluYu.

But the biggest and worst threat that would be awful for everyone and probably ruin the entire future of the entire world is:

2) Apple. They could create AppleYou. But this would be terrible for everybody. Because it would never exist on the Internet. It would exist only on iOS devices. People would need an iPhone or iPad (maybe even AppleTV) to access it. It’d be a closed system. And it would be a Disneyfied version of YouTube with everything going through Approval. Because Apple believes in freedom of expression? Oh fuck fuck fuck no.

The best bet for everyone remains YouTube. Which is a lousy bet to make.

YouTube’s leadership is becoming abusive and complacent — just as Twitter’s has — and that’s a threat to everyone, not just YouTube creators.

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