Always. Wear. A. Helmet.

After posting No Helmet. No Ride. No Debate. Period., things have taken a bit of a morbid turn here this morning.

Better safe than sorry, as the cliché goes.

Why helmet safety has become my #1 priority — and in the Comments to that:

I see this more times than I’d like to when I worked in a recovering center as a Occupational therapist. One of the deadliest injuries is Traumatic Brain Injury which is probably what Happened to your friend. Get your friend to do MRI scan of brain every 3-4 months for the next year. There will be repercussion for the brain down the line. I’ve had patient who develop Parkinson because of too much TBI when they were younger sustained from soccer or boxing. It’s really no joke.

Wear your helmet, people! And if you’re going more than 20mph wear a full face helmet, I’ve had a patient rip his jaw off from going more than 30 mph down a mountain. It ain’t so fun when you need more than a year or two to recover…..if you survive initial impact.

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No Helmet. No Ride. No Debate. Period.
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