An Update From Puerto Rico

Astrid posted on Facebook (cc’ed me via email):

Just wrote this on FB at 4am, fyi:

4am and, luckily, have some cell service again. Lost all signal during the afternoon.

There are rumors of another collapse in telecommunications because antennas are running on generators and that would be pretty scary.

I don’t think anyone had any idea of how being withiut power would be and, to be honest, it’s scary af. Yesterday we went to Pep Boys and their generator broke down so they were running on a portable one, in the dark, aisles closed to the public, and no system to check on stuff other than minimum inventory. Someone there sad Auto Zone was closed due to their generator failing and they had no backup.

If this goes on many businesses will be forced to close. Diesel prices were spikes during the crisis and not all business owners can keep up with that. This is scary. Also, going to the supermarket and finding empty shelves adds to this. They swear there’s no food shortage so, where are those products?

People are mad at USPS because of their delays. I say we should be thankful we have that because, quite clearly, it has become a lifeline for many.

If I go silent, now you know the reason. I’ll keep going to the Post Office and collecting/handing donations and try to keep you all posted on that. <3

#hurricaneMaria #PuertoRico


This is only getting worse.

She’s doing this on her phone, so I’ve left in any typos to show the additional stress doing that also creates.

You can help: Amazon Wish List For Hurricane Maria Relief In Puerto Rico

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