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Comment at ESK8 Death in Singapore

If you don’t know how to skateboard, you should not be riding one of these, You will get hurt.
Spend six months on a regular board, so you know how to control it properly and in a bad situation, you are able react more effectively.

If you ride in traffic on one of these, you’re an idiot,
I’ve been skateboarding for 30 years, and riding in traffic is a very bad idea. I have done many times, but not anymore.
Ride on the sidewalk, there are almost no cars there.

Have you ever been hit by a car?
it really hurts.

Skateboarding is very dangerous, if you ride a board, you will get hurt, that is the cost of admission.

Hmmmm… six months on a kick skateboard?! Ermmmmm.

And the only things that can transit safely on the terrible sidewalks here are feet and bicycles.

Previously here:

Always. Wear. A. Helmet.
No Helmet. No Ride. No Debate. Period.
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