More Evidence For Personal Electric Transport

Reddit: Calculations show that electric longboarding is more eco friendly than walking and even cycling.

According to my fairly thorough calculations which take into account the electricity production distribution, thermal energy density, energy conversion efficiency, average breaths per minute of a jogger, lung capacity and exhale chemical composition, and more variables truncated calculations, riding your electric longboard produces less than 8 grams of CO2 per mile and has an equivalent about 1800 miles per gallon (energy equivalency) on my dual hub motor longboard. For comparison an average human exhales 140 grams CO2 per mile at a jog and cycling would also likely raise your heart and breathing rate to exhale more CO2. The speed of the board and effortless propulsion means you take fewer breaths per mile, further reducing your emission. A Tesla model S 2WD has 100 MPGe equivalent and most electric bicycles are barely pushing 1000MPGe.

There’s more in the Comments there.

What matters is that this is math. Math can’t be argued against in things such as public hearings that determine whether or not personal electric transport is good for everybody and should be accommodated as public policy. I’m sure these figures could also be adapted to argue for electric scooters too.

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