The Latest Onan Booster Research: A Review From HQ

Electric Skateboard HQ: Onan X2 Review- The booster to electrify your skateboard

He actually tried his Penny-sized board first. But it wouldn’t fit:

Since he references Arne in his review, his attempt might have been inspired by him.

The most interesting part of the review is that range claims by Onan might be inflated.


All the Onans can be fitted with 2 types of battery.

  1. X-BP10 battery pack with 90WH battery cell (making it flight compatible)
    the marketed range is 7.5-9 miles (12-15km)
  2. X-BP20 battery pack with 158.4WH,
    the marketed range is 15.5-17 miles (25-28km)

The range of Onan’s boosters really varies according to riding condition, but the consensus is the range was grossly inflated.

The one that I got was the larger, X-BP20 battery pack.

For me, I get it at around 8 miles (12.8km) before almost fully drained the battery.

The range may not be the best but considering that you can carry extra batteries with you ($139.99 per battery), this is forgivable.

He is more forgiving than I am. I do not like fraudulent claims.

This is an interesting review that brings new things to light, one of which is a hill-climb test I’d never seen or even considered before.

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