Some Details About The Arc Board And Fast Charge

I asked the Arc Board team about the fast charging of their board. I got a reply:

On fast charging, there are a few electric skateboards in the market that allow for fast charging, so we’re not the only ones, but we do believe (without proper research) that we are the only ones to provide fast charging as a standard.

Typically all electric skateboards have the ability to take a fast charge, it depends on the ability of the battery management system (BMS) to accept the increased current (1A normal charge, 3-4A fast charge) without an accelerated degradation. From the start we decided to keep our charging times to just shy of an hour and a half, so we definitely had to go with fast charging as a standard, and we designed our BMS to be able to sustain a 3A inflow charging current.

Also, fast chargers are usually more expensive compared to normal speed chargers too, so that might be a consideration for consumers and companies as well on whether or not to provide this as a feature.

I also asked about shipping to the U.S.:

Lastly, shipping costs to the US are a flat rate of SGD$80 (about USD$59), we subsidise about half the actual shipping costs so customer don’t bear the full brunt of shipping costs.

And I really, really pressed about getting to 80% battery in just 40 minutes with Fast Charge and they confirmed:

Hey Mike yes at the 40min mark the battery will charge to 80%!

Here’s the dilemma. Go with the Onan Booster and carry a spare battery (bulk) or go with Arc Board and extend range via Fast Charge.

My head is still spinning over those two and other possible choices.

But thanks to the Arc Boards team for the new information and the Fast Charge confirmation.

Damn sexy beast:

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