That Damn Spectra Board Again

It’s just so damn gorgeous.

Another video from an owner with some new information.

But first, screensnaps!

Using the app in RC mode, which has a very short range:

The charging plug and port are magnetic, like Apple once had:

Grip tape top:

Top without grip tape:

Diagram of internals:

I asked in Comments:

Did you reach top speed with 3D Step or were you using the remote app? How long to recharge?

He replied:

Mike Cane to reach top speed I used the remote, but 3D posture control is pretty decent in speed. it should take around 90 minutes to charge but I never fully drained it yet

Despite my ruling out the Mini — and this model (the Advanced), because of weight (12 lbs for something that small?) — it still interests me and I’m waiting to see more videos from owners.

I’m especially interested in the review Electric Skateboard HQ will have as a paid owner.

Carbon Fiber Mini Electric Skateboard

Previously here:

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