The Most Badass Thing In NYC: The Broadway Bomb!

Wikipedia: Broadway Bomb

The Broadway Bomb is a longboarding race held every year along the length of Broadway in Manhattan. The event was founded in October 2002 by Ian Nichols & Fred Mahe, with an initial set of sixteen competitors. After growing in size every year, by 2012 more than 1,900 riders competed.

The event is unsanctioned by the City of New York, meaning that the race takes place in ordinary city traffic with no organized protection for riders, vehicles or pedestrians.

When participation reached thousands of riders in 2012, the New York Supreme Court granted an injunction declaring the race unlawful. Since that time the New York City Police Department has deployed in force to prevent or disrupt the event.

The element of danger involved with unsanctioned street racing is reflected in the race’s slogan, You Could Die.

I had no frikkin idea what this was. Although after learning about it, I recalled seeing an amazing number of kick skateboarders in lower Manhattan last year and wondering what was up. I should have asked!

I missed the one held this year. Tishawn Fahie didn’t get to all of it but his brief YouTube is worth seeing:

NYC Electric Skateboard Crew – Episode 20 Broadway Bomb 2017

And this YouTube gives an idea of some of the chaos involved:

Broadway Bomb: NYC’s Unsanctioned Longboard Race

The Administration turns this city upside-down for an entire day for the NYC Marathon. On this damned Island, a day is given over for a half marathon. There’s even a NYC Bike Marathon.

New York City should shut Broadway for one day and legalize the Broadway Bomb! There would be people traveling from all over the world to run it.


2014: Skaters Bomb Broadway Despite Fear of NYPD Crackdown

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