Apple Must Not Be Confident About The iPhone X

Paywalled: Apple Limits Lengthy iPhone X Testing for Most Reviewers

Apple Inc. departed from its traditional preview strategy for what it bills as its most important new iPhone in years, prioritizing early access to the iPhone X for YouTube personalities and celebrities over most technology columnists who traditionally review its new products.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

How drastic a change has this been?

So drastic that Sara (“rhymes with ‘peachy'”) Dietschy got her mitts on one!

iPhone X FIRST IMPRESSIONS !!! Hands-on Experience

I know her from several electric skateboarding videos she’s done. So someone who YouTubes about electric skateboards got try to one before many other techies.

Feel. That. Burn.

After seeing the Essential Phone, I’m in no hurry to rush out and experience The Notch on the iPhone X.

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