Personal Electric Transport: The Incredible Unicycles

Just the other day I was marveling at a DIY electric skateboard that did a 40-mile trip.

But this — this is some Next-Level Shit right here:

104 kilometers is 64 miles.

On. A. Single. Charge.

I’ve got three videos this time. All of them are worth a watch whether or not you personally would ever consider riding one of these things. They matter because I’m certain these will be popping up on streets and bike paths in increasing numbers. There’s no stopping them. They are a huge step up in personal electric transport.

This is the first video I saw today that captured my interest:


120 miles of range on a single charge?! That makes my head spin. I could charge that once a week and never worry about running out of power while moving around.

The second video:

Gotway Monster Seat – First Ride

The smaller unicycles are what I’ve seen around Manhattan.

The third video, which I took the opening screensnap from. It must be watched to the end to see the incredible Google Maps animation documenting his lonnnnng trip:

Gotway Msuper v3s+ 1600Wh – Review and distance test

According to dealer eWheels, the Gotway Monster in the first two video is priced between US$2,100-$2,600. Next-Level Pricing for Next-Level personal electric transport! These are just about mini cars. Hell, a Volkswagen Beetle was about US$2,000 when I was a kid!

You see?

Here’s a comparison chart from eWheels:

Click = big

The Gotway Monster weighs 72 pounds?! My back screams No Way.

Even so, I have to admit being very intrigued by that Monster, which lets you sit down. And that range! My god, that range!

From time to time, I might drop in some more electric unicycle videos.

I should have paid more attention earlier when I did these two posts:

Personal Electric Transport Wins Again
Video: Solowheel Vs. Hoverboard Vs. Electric Scooter

In both instances, the electric unicycle was the most impressive!

Live and learn!

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