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No Helmet. No Ride. No Debate. Period.

Session Error: The Rise & Risk of Electric Skateboarding On June 2, 2016, software engineer Robbie Small suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding an electric skateboard. This is his story. “Session Error” details the emerging popularity of high performance, … Continue reading

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More Evidence For Personal Electric Transport

Reddit: Calculations show that electric longboarding is more eco friendly than walking and even cycling. According to my fairly thorough calculations which take into account the electricity production distribution, thermal energy density, energy conversion efficiency, average breaths per minute of … Continue reading

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Maps Of Publicly-Accessible AC Outlets

I asked this at Reddit: I was wondering if anyone has taken on the task of mapping out public-use AC outlets? With so many eSkateboards having limited range and my seeing videos of group rides with group recharging from power … Continue reading

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The Crowdfunding Scam

What began with the goal of people helping like-minded people bring a new product to market is quickly being co-opted by fraud and covert corporatism. People have pointed out there are products on crowdfunded sites that already exist and are … Continue reading

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Adding A Battery Meter To A Meepo Board

Doug Hnut — who gave us videos of his Xiaomi M365 eScooter and Meepo eSkateboard — is now back with a great DIY project: Adding a battery meter to a Meepo board. This looks like something that could be added … Continue reading

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An Update From Puerto Rico

Astrid posted on Facebook (cc’ed me via email): Just wrote this on FB at 4am, fyi: 4am and, luckily, have some cell service again. Lost all signal during the afternoon. There are rumors of another collapse in telecommunications because antennas … Continue reading

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YouTube FAIL

I watched a few Who Wants To Be A Millionaire theme remixes and now my electric skateboard recommendations have been pushed out: Idiot algorithm.

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Penny Board Made Electric Via China Transplant

“DIY” electric Penny board! I bought a cheap 100USD chinese electric skateboard and “transplanted” the electronics and trucks to my Penny board. Took about an hour to do. Top speed 20km/h (12mp/h) with a range of about 10km (6.2miles). The … Continue reading

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Onan Booster Research Not Over Yet

I’m waiting for Andrew Penman to post his final video about it. That will be sometime next week (he says Monday, but we know things can slip). In the meantime, I’ve come across another Onan Booster — the X2 — … Continue reading

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YouTube And The Threats Of HuluYu, AppleYou

I’ve been using YouTube these days as much as I’ve used Twitter in the past. And I’m getting more value out of it than my latter days on Twitter. Just like Twitter, YouTube has a problem. And it’s bigger than … Continue reading

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