Reference For A DIY Elos Electric Skateboard

An entirely new vista in electric skateboard thinking almost opened for me last night.

I’m real keen at the moment about an Elos kick skateboard converted to electric, as posted yesterday.

Someone on Reddit posted a link to DIYeboard and I finally had some time to check it out.

And I almost had some hope that I could make an electric Elos myself.

Looking at this photo, the video of his conversion process, and the DIYeboard site, I’m certain he’s using the same stuff they offer.

He’s using this:

Electric Skateboard 7S2P 4.4AH Battery & ESC Power Kit

And thanks a post on Reddit, I found this upgraded remote that he mentions in another video:

2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller RC5 to power on your DIY Eboard

DIYeboard has the single hub motor:

HUB Motor 70*51mm 350W 75KV for DIY Electric Skateboard

But everything falls apart after that.

I can’t find the truck he’s using:

That’s actually an entire assembly. And DIYeboard offers nothing like it.

So where is he getting it? I’ve seen a video where he gets an entire shipment of them, so someone is making them somewhere.

All DIYeboard offers is a dual hub motor arrangement, which the guy in the videos says shouldn’t be used because it’s too much power for such a small board. My own concerns are the added weight and how fast it would drain the battery and shorten the range.

Back and forth emails with DIYeboard concluded with this:

we can slso provide 7 inch truck kit with 70*51 hubs

So there might be hope there unless by “hubs” he means it’ll still be dual-motor!

I’d just throw up my hands an order one from the guy on YouTube, but there doesn’t even seem to be a way to do that! There’s no contact information I can find. As a last resort, I’ve asked him on YouTube — using English and Google Translate to Chinese — where he gets that truck assembly with single hub motor.

I’ve also asked for help on Reddit.

Having an entire kit would change everything. I’d be able to swap that to any deck I wanted in the future.

I know that this setup won’t create a very powerful board (using it for Death Hills is out), but I think it would be the safest one for someone like me, who’s just starting out. What I really like is the range, 11 miles. Speed doesn’t matter, 12-14mph is fine for now. And the portability is absolutely excellent. Those dual side handles are great to have.

So far, this is almost the electric skateboard I want. It’s just a matter of finding that rear motor assembly!

Oh, and what about the Onan Booster X2 for this? It shouldn’t be done. First, the wheels are too large. 90mm versus the 70mm of the Elos. Second, it’s a dual motor setup which would provide too much power.

Previously here:

DIY Electric Elos Skateboard
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