The Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Is Getting Closer To Release

Carbon fiber scooter advocate Kurt V. has been waiting and waiting and waiting for it.

Now a new promo video has appeared for the delayed S5 electric scooter that has dual motors: Front and Back.

And it’s well served by a very informative video that can be seen after the break.

YJC S5 Dual Motor Scooter Eng

Well, someone has finally learned how to market an electric scooter!

That is one powerful machine.

If the speedometer is correct, top speed will be 35kmh, or 21 mph. Yes, I know electric skateboards are available that are faster, but even so, this is a significant step for an electric scooter of this size.

The muscular hill climbing ability demonstrated in the video makes me salivate. It would conquer all the Death Hills around here. It makes wonder if I really need two things: This electric scooter for the Death Hills and an electric skateboard for general use.

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First Sighting Of Third-Gen Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter
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2 Responses to The Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Is Getting Closer To Release

  1. 张学银 says:

    Hi article Creator, i am Valley the Manufacturer of the dual motor of scooter S5. Thank you very much.It’s good to see this passage here.
    You mentioned of the top speed of the scooter,35km.It’s the speed without load, actually for the riders’ safe, we limit the top speed at 25KM/h. Cuz for this kind scooter, if speed is too high, it’s not easy to ride, and dangerous, and in some place the law also doesn’t allow it. While we also leave the choice to the rider, the rider can also disconnect the speed limit cable in scooter headset.But usallly,we don’t suggest that

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