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NYC’s Idiot Mayor

Like this guy has never had his take-out order rushed to him on an electric bike he’s condemning… De Blasio Vows To Crack Down On Electric Bikes Next week is Election Day. I hope that stiff is thrown out. Even … Continue reading

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Skip The Penny Board. Get An ELOS.

The guy in Taiwan who converts ELOS kick skateboards into electric ones compared the ELOS to a small skateboard. One a fewer inches shorter than Penny-sized.

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ELOS: Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

I sent this email to ELOS: Maybe you guys can help me. There’s a guy in Taiwan modding your board to electric. DIYeboard has all the parts except for the rear single hub motor assembly he’s using. I’ve been unable … Continue reading

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In An Age Of Touchscreens, Electric Scooters Are In The Dipswitch Age

A E-TWOW/UScooter costs US$1,000. Probably even higher in Europe. For that amount of money, people shouldn’t have to struggle with changing Settings using a system that seems to be designed by a sadist. Just look at the backward crap in … Continue reading

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ELE-GO: Another Stupid Electric Scooter Campaign

WTF: Another electric scooter company that thinks it can start from the gate trying to be Apple Cool. No. FAIL! The worst part is, they completely ignore their key selling point!

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