ELOS: Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

I sent this email to ELOS:

Maybe you guys can help me.

There’s a guy in Taiwan modding your board to electric.

DIYeboard has all the parts except for the rear single hub motor assembly he’s using. I’ve been unable to track it down. Do you have any idea of its source?

I have a blog post about this.

Thanks for any help you can give.

They haven’t replied.

Worse than that, I quote a user on Reddit:

I want an electric elos so bad. I even contacted elos and they WILL NOT sell just decks or decks with front trucks only, or electric elos boards. Not even in large quantities. They aren’t interested. Someone else needs to make these instead, obviously

Well, the guy in Taiwan is doing great business turning them into electric ones. People come by his home to pick them up!

How can ELOS not see what people want?

It’s understandable that they don’t want to sell the deck alone. Fine.

It’s understandable that they don’t want to sell the deck with just the front truck. Fine.

But when their own customers are going elsewhere with money, the Red Alert klaxon should be blaring!

Aren’t they, after all, in business to make money?

They could easily grab all the business that guy is getting. They’re a known brand that people love, have helped create via Kickstarter, and they’re young enough to still have ambition.

They could create an electric ELOS by making it cool and forbidden.

Put a small pirate flag somewhere on the site with no explanation.

When people click it, they go to the Unofficial ELOS Pirate Shop.

Where they can:

1) Buy complete Do It Yourself Electric Kits


2) Buy limited-quantity already-assembled electric ones

They could imitate Xiaomi with that second step. Xiaomi grabbed headlines and created cool for their brand by making their products hard to get. There would be X-quantity of them put up for sale at one time and when that batch was gone, people had to wait for the next one.

This created a frenzy of anticipation.

It’s abundantly clear that people crave an electric ELOS. It’s something that’s rare and hard to get.

It’s even harder to track down that damn back truck assembly the guy is using!

So everything is set for ELOS to jump in and make it a little easier for their customers.

An electric ELOS skateboard could be the hottest gift of the upcoming holiday season. People who snag one could probably flog them on eBay for crazy amounts of money. This happens all the time with hot and hard-to-get things. (How many iPhone X are being smuggled into China today? I haven’t been to an Apple Store to see the long lines of Chinese people tasked to buy them for shipping and smuggling into China.)

I know ELOS thinks it’s in the kick skateboard business. But they’re not. They’re in the portable transportation business. Western Union lost the future because they thought they were in the telegraph business instead of realizing they were in the communications business. So Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone eventually wiped them out.

ELOS should act on what their users want before someone else comes along and steals the entire market from them.

Do it, ELOS. Do it now! Don’t go home this weekend. Plan the strategy!

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