Skip The Penny Board. Get An ELOS.

The guy in Taiwan who converts ELOS kick skateboards into electric ones compared the ELOS to a small skateboard. One a fewer inches shorter than Penny-sized.

The smaller board:

The ELOS is longer:

But just look at that difference in width:

Really, doesn’t that say it all?

My original thinking was to start out with a Penny-sized kick skateboard.

Not anymore.

Now I want an ELOS. With the weather changing, I don’t know how much use I could get out of an electric ELOS. Batteries don’t like cold weather. But I could still get a lot of use out of a kick ELOS. And while I’m doing that, I’m preparing myself for the warmer weather when I could ride it as an electric conversion.

Had I been able to buy a Penny-sized board immediately, I might have found it too difficult to use and eventually given up (after probable injuries!) and gone back to being interested in electric scooters.

And that is why I won’t ever immediately jump to buy something. Neither should you!

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