November 4, 2017: Post-Attack NYC Bike Path

Concrete barriers at the start of the path across from Battery Park:

Barriers are at every cross-section where a motor vehicle might enter:

Previously-installed retractable bollards of the type I think will be added now:

Less than a month ago, the bike path entryways were totally open:

Some concrete barriers look like this:

And then there are very long ones placed diagonally:

And this is on them:

What a sense of entitlement! Doesn’t he understand that they might have run out of barriers? I think all of these barriers are temporary measures until they can install bollards. They need to do the kind that can sink into the ground with a motor so emergency vehicles can still access the path.

The placard says, “Always And Forever In Our Hearts:”

View of the path from the entrance that was used:

Photos of the memorial. I wasn’t able to get a picture of all of it due to people around it.

Rest in peace.

Previously here:

Lower Manhattan Bike Path Terror Attack

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