A Better-Than-Most Electric Scooter Promo Video

People think my criticisms of electric scooter promo videos means coolness must be sacrificed for a boring recitation of a spec sheet.

That’s just not true.

While flawed, the video after the break shows a way specs and coolness can be smoothly integrated.

But first, the screensnaps!

The flaws:

1) The Control Screen isn’t shown at all. Is it monochrome or color? What does it display? What’s the UI for changing Settings?

2) Recharge time. What is it? What’s the battery capacity? Are the cells Chinese, LG, or Samsung?

3) Weight! How much does it weigh? It looks like it was — ahem — inspired by the E-TWOW/Uscooter, but is it lighter than it? Same-day update: It’s 10.9kg, or 24lbs. Unfortunately, a weighty beast!

The ELE-GO people should pay attention to this video.

Zoom Stryder – The Best Electric Scooter for City Commuting

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