The iPhone X & PDF Tests

I don’t know how Apple does it.

Weeks ago, I looked at the Essential Phone. Here’s a photo from then:

I was not impressed at all. I thought that small notch in the screen was ass and thought it’d be worse when I saw the iPhone X.

In fact, let me put them side-by-side. This is not a size comparison. They weren’t next to each other in the real world (they were in different stores!). This is just an impression of the way they cut into the screen.

Very weirdly, in real life, Apple’s notch was to me less irritating to see than on the Essential.

Go figure.

The other thing: When you pick up the iPhone X, it’s an immediate WOW! Not because of the screen. Because of the tactile sensation. Apple pays attention to the way something feels as much as they do to how something looks.

I went back yesterday to look at the Essential Phone again. I was still not impressed. The screen is dim, the feel is boxy, and the color palette is depressing. Here are photos from that sad encounter:

See? Full screen brightness. And it’s like looking into a Pit of Despair.

Even worse, someone put a password on it and all I could do was bring up the phone keypad to make emergency calls!

The Essential Phone isn’t the only Android phone with a bleak color palette that seems geared to suicidal types. Look at the Huawei Mate 9:

Let me rerun that iPhone X pic:

Bright! It screams FUN! PLAY WITH ME!

Android whispers: Life is not worth living. Let me prove it to you!


The iPhone X screen seems more screen than the Essential Phone too. Because it is. Look:

Essential tries to hide that chin at the bottom. Not working!

Both phones share an irritating trait, however, when it comes to taking photos.


iPhone X:

Photos don’t fill the screen. They must be tap-zoomed.


iPhone X:

Essential doesn’t go under the notch, the iPhone X does. This gives photos more of a WOW Factor on the iPhone X.

This joint on the iPhone X:

And yes, I went there:

And away we go! Here’s the video, which started recording before the file was even copied to iBooks:

iPhone X Google Books PDF Test

No matter what I did, how hard I tried, iBooks wouldn’t crash. And this is the full 200MB+ file directly from Google Books. It crashed in previous tests.

Did that satisfy me? Nope. I went on to try the Mother Of All PDF Torture Tests. The Processed World PDF from the Internet Archive:

iPhone X PDF Test

And BOOM! Apple still has some work to do. Not that I would want to read that on an iPhone X, but if their newest most shiny bionic tech can’t handle it, then they’ve got to get back to work until it does.

The iPhone X is a lustastic piece of tech, easily crushing all others. Only Samsung nears Apple but Android hampers everything.

But my god! US$1,149.00 for an unlocked 256GB version!

But if I had the money, I’d buy it.

I don’t know how Apple does that.

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  1. Martin says:

    Impressive !!!

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