Interesting Advances At Meepo

The Meepo Penny has been renamed to the Meepo Small. I guess that’s to avoid confusion and trademark problems.

Meepo Small Single:

Meepo Small Dual:

Meepo is now selling a custom-made 10s2p pack made with the newest Sanyo batteries:

And while their well-known Meepo board has a 36-inch deck, they’ve added a new board with a 30-inch deck:

Apparently that move was inspired by a customer on Reddit who requested that size for his board. He’s posted photos of his new board.

One of those photos reveals a big development for such a small company:

The battery case was once generic. It now has an embossed Meepo brand. Congratulations, Kieran and crew!

I look forward to reviews of this new, shorter deck.

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5 Responses to Interesting Advances At Meepo

  1. Arne Bornheim says:

    Nice update man! That new Meepo deck locks nice! is the black color from the reddit customer or the new color ?

  2. Falk says:

    …and now the 30 inch “Meepo S” has disappeared from Kieran’s shop again…

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