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Thank God For Public Libraries And Librarian Gods

Google, Shmoogle. Reference Librarians Are Busier Than Ever Even in the internet age, reference librarians still dig up answers that require extra effort, searching old books, microfilm and paper files, looking for everything from owners of long-defunct firms to 19th-century … Continue reading

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A Fix For Trippy YouTube Playback With Firefox Quantum 57

Got this? Then go to Options (hamburger icon at far upper right side or ALT key-> Tools menu -> Options). Scroll down in General (which should be the default view) to Performance and uncheck Use Recommended Performance Settings. That will … Continue reading

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Constrained Blogging

For the second day in a row, my primary notebook — and hand-me down HP/Compaq — has refused to power on despite my coaxing. It did this once before, but I was able to woo it back to life. This … Continue reading

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Ferengi China

Everything I suspected just from observing the Chinese tablet makers all these miles away…

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New Hub Motor For Electric ELOS?

Something is up with the guy in Taiwan who converts ELOS kick skateboards into electric ones. It seems he has a new hub motor. And it increases top speed from 24kmh (14mph) to 30kmh (18mph). That might not seem like … Continue reading

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Five Technology: TV Box But No iFive Mini 4G?

There are two Five Technology accounts on YouTube. One is 林森, which uploaded the iFive Mini 4G promo video. Another is ifivetw, which today uploaded a bizarre video for what I think might be some kind of TV box. Have … Continue reading

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Major Firefox Quantum 57 Problem

Top-level same-day update: A Fix For Trippy YouTube Playback With Firefox Quantum 57 How YouTube looks in Firefox Quantum 57: How it looks in Chrome: Notice that the scrub preview looks OK in the new Firefox, but the video doesn’t. … Continue reading

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