Constrained Blogging

For the second day in a row, my primary notebook — and hand-me down HP/Compaq — has refused to power on despite my coaxing. It did this once before, but I was able to woo it back to life. This time, no go. The near-dead battery is probably totally zeroed-out now. Idiot designers made a device that cannot be powered by AC alone!

I’m using the second machine — a more modern Toshiba notebook that I despise — also a hand-me-down (there’s a theme here!). Awful keyboard, atrocious trackpad and click buttons. It’s gone back to refusing to install the billion-a-week Windows 8.1 Updates Microsoft forces on it. I once had to spend an entire fucking day getting the Updates to finally update. I refuse to do that again.

The Toshiba has the new Firefox on it. The one that makes YouTube look like LSD hallucinations:

So I can’t type as much as I want or watch YouTube as much as I want or need to.


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1 Response to Constrained Blogging

  1. linndl says:

    What’s wrong with video that looks like LSD hallucinations, man? Kinda groovy.

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