Spectra Electric Skateboard Gets Another (Bad) Review

This isn’t even worth ripping from YouTube to get a screensnap for this post.

See the video after the break.


Such a disappointing board!

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3 Responses to Spectra Electric Skateboard Gets Another (Bad) Review

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Did you try to quick beginner’s mode. I see the green light on your baord, which means its at the lowest functionnal mode so you get to know the board… If you dont read manuals, at least listen the 2min video!

  2. Rosalie Kennedy says:

    BUYER BEWARE– DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! My son bought a Spectra Advanced Board from them. It stopped holding a charge 3 months later. Customer support was slow to respond,but eventually did after several weeks. A LOT of time was spent emailing back and forth, sending 2 different videos showing the problem, trouble shooting the board. Finally, about 3 months after the board’s charging mechanism failed, the company gave us an address in Texas for a repair center to mail the board at OUR expense, pending their testing of board. It has now been TEN weeks since the board was sent there, and NOTHING has happened. No report, no fix, no replacement of the board even though it is DEFECTIVE and was still UNDER WARRANTY when the defect was reported and board was sent!! Now Daisy, the customer support person who handles this claim from China will NOT even reply to our emails. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WALNUTT OR SPECTRA. They are not reliable and so far have NOT honored their warranty!

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