Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES-2 Video Only For The Hardcore

I like these guys. I like the Rider store. I wish there was such a store in NYC.

And this is the first video showing the Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES-2 with its optional extra battery in a range test.

But the video is a mess I can’t really recommend to anyone except someone like me who wants to glean as much information as possible about personal electric transport.

It’s hyperactive, has too-loud music, and is overflowing with off-topic material. It’s not in English, but that would be OK if the video was straightforward. But it’s not. It’s a mess.

The best information — which actually raises more questions than any answer it provides — is the screensnap after the break.

OCR and two translators screw that up. It seems like he’s gotten 65.8km range. That’s 40.8 miles. That’s amazing for any portable electric scooter! But is it an uninterrupted trip? There’s no way to tell!

You’ve been warned. Here’s the video:

es2外掛電池測試 | 平常工作記錄 |內建&外掛電池電位差測試|宵夜兼測試總結

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