Speed Of The Converted Belt Drive Electric ELOS

Maybe I should call these posts The ELOS Chronicles…

Anyway, in his latest video, Johnny shows some of the speed the belt drive ELOS can do:

23.4kmh is 14.5mph.

In his latest video, another surprise.

Going into a shop for breakfast, he runs into someone he converted an ELOS for:

The first guy to touch the new belt drive ELOS:

And he rides away on his own electric ELOS:

So jealous!

In the video, the ELOS material starts about five minutes in. I think he also talks about its speed when he gets to his office, but that’s just a supposition based on how he uses his hands. It’s all in Chinese.

VLOG-20171116|晨跑6km測 Dash Pro耳機|巧遇改elos網友|談網購平台強迫配合行銷|Netgear冬季產品發表|江子翠黃昏縮時|

Same-day update: Bonus close-up big picture of the belt drive ELOS from his Facebook page:

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