Tesla Has Implications For Everyday People Too

There are no smooth videos of this. I’ve grabbed the best possible one until Tesla itself puts it on YouTube.

The introduction of Tesla’s semi truck.

What’s important here will be the Megacharger Stations located throughout the U.S. that are basically solar power collectors that store the energy in Tesla powerpacks. I doubt these will appear only at truck stops. I anticipate these being at delivery points too, such as malls and superstores and possibly even supermarkets.

If Tesla thinks ahead, these charging stations could also be used by the general public to charge personal electric transport. Swipe a card or use a phone and pay a few cents to put electrons in your battery. It’d be easy enough to add standard AC outlets.

The truck itself seems revolutionary but don’t let all the cheering in the video fool you. I think those are all Tesla employees and fanboys. None of them look like actual truckers. Trucking companies need to buy this and truckers need to be willing to drive them. That could be a longer timeframe than the 2019 Musk is touting.

Elon Musk Reveals the Dream Truck: Tesla Semi.

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