Weekend In Review

Alla the things happen now that I no longer have the borrowed Asus craptab to attempt pictures!

1) Saw my first Swagtron electric scooter in NYC. Running north on the west side bike path Saturday morning. Being ridden by a young woman.

2) Saw the new Nook 3. That is a sad design! The bezels are so fat that the screen looks smaller than it should.

3) Saw that new dual-screen ZTE phone, the Axon M. That’s an interesting design but I’m not sure how practical it’d be in real life.

4) Saw Mixed Reality headsets from Dell and another company (I forget which, Acer? HP? Asus?) on display at Best Buy. Behind glass. Not for demos.

5) Saw that Best Buy now has a selection of mobile VR headsets on display.

6) Pawed the Samsung Galaxy View again. Then realized only an idiot would buy it. Big-ass HDTVs are cheaper and you can hook up a Chromecast.

7) Saw just one electric skateboard, running down Liberty Street. Orange wheels, so it could have been a Boosted or a Meepo. Wasn’t close enough to see a logo.

8) Saw an all-black unbranded carbon fiber electric scooter running north on the west side bike path Sunday evening. Going impressively fast. In both instances, those hard rubber wheels make a hell of a lot of noise even on smooth asphalt.

9) And the strangest thing: Guy enters the Whitehall Ferry Terminal ahead of me with his E-TWOW/Uscooter Booster electric scooter. And brings it up the escalator to board the upper level. What? Surprised by his being right in front of me but absolutely shocked they let that board upper level. Bikes must use lower level.

10) Read the book, The Right Kind of Crazy: A True Story of Teamwork, Leadership, and High-Stakes Innovation by Adam Steltzner. Highly recommended. Thrilling and good tips on managing people in groups.

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