So Much YouTube Incompetency

Wherein I once again bitch about how embarrassing YouTube is and how they should get off their effin asses to Fix It.

I get this Notification:

I don’t always look under Notifications unless the Bell is lit. But sometimes you do have to look, even when the Bell isn’t lit. Because that shit ain’t always working!

So this makes me also click the left sidebar for my Subscriptions.

You, the reader, this is where you participate!

This is what Subscriptions shows me:

Participate! Do you see the damn video in the Notification there?

No. Of course you don’t! Because that’s more shit of YouTube that ain’t working!

And here’s the video page screensnap:

So you see the publication date, the fact I’m subscribed, and that the Bell has shakes around it meaning that I’m to be notified of every upload. Notified. No-ti-fied. But did that Bell notify me? No.

How the hell can anyone look at YouTube and not go nuts at everything that doesn’t work?

When does someone over there rise up on their hind legs and scream, Let’s fix all this shit!

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