Should You Buy A Cheap Electric Skateboard Off eBay?


After the break, what will happen to you. In three acts.

Electric skateboard small fish plate! Tad Johnson

Great electric board for 110.00$ great board

Board down. Tad Johnson

The board lasted three days.

Let me emphasize that.

The board lasted three days.

Is that what you want in your life? Being made to feel like a sucker? Wondering if you’ll ever get your money back? Railing at how there are actually people out there willing to sell you fall-apart shit so they can pocket your money?

Cheap electric skateboards are going to be everywhere in America (and probably throughout the West) this holiday gift-buying season.

Avoid them. Avoid all of them.

You’d get more fun out of just burning the money you’d waste on them.

I’m as susceptible to “bargains” as anyone else in the world. This is a lesson I keep having to re-learn at every point of price temptation. But learn to resist and research the shit out of what seems to be a “bargain” before every handing over your money!

And stay away from all the cheap electric skateboards!

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