You Won’t Believe How Stupid Some Electric Skateboard Malfunctions Can Be

Once upon a time, there was a Kickstarter for something called the Nuff Board.

It turns out this was a complete electric skateboard with a rebranded Onan Booster.

I found all this out today doing some other research on YouTube and came across the videos of Delc0 who had backed the campaign and got one of the boards.

The poor guy! In his two initial ride videos, the battery kept falling out of its holder! Over and over and over again. It was horrific to watch. (As of post time, I don’t know if he ever solved that, so I pointed him to Andrew Penman’s video.)

At one point, within the first week of owning it, the battery wouldn’t turn on anymore. He contacted Support and they wanted him to send back the rear truck and battery mount (it’s all one piece) for service.

And that’s when things started to get really interesting.

He took it off the Nuff …

… and then he noticed he could actually open it, so he did …

… and look at what the damn big problem was:

A simple connector came loose!

And here’s the big complicated fix that Service would have carried out had he gone through the hassle of packing it all up and shipping it to them:

And BAM! Done, fixed:

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to open it up!

The electronics in these things aren’t all solid state. There are physical components. Connectors that shake loose. Sometimes the failure is just a tiny solder joint that breaks. Vibrations tend to loosen things.

Just make sure it’s unplugged from AC, any battery is turned off and physically disconnected (as it was here), touch something for grounding, and then take a peek to see if the problem is obvious. Do not poke around with a metal object, such as a screwdriver — you’re bound to hit a capacitor and get a nasty shock or create a short.

If he hadn’t had the courage and curiosity to take a look, he would have never known what the problem was or how simple the fix was. And it’s very unlikely the company would have told him, either.

So not only did he do himself good, he did us all good by giving us a look-see into the innards of an Onan Booster.

Well done!

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2 Responses to You Won’t Believe How Stupid Some Electric Skateboard Malfunctions Can Be

  1. Andrew Penman says:

    Hey Mike,
    What a great blog )) I’m loving your info and all your detailed research, Congratulations !!! what a wonderful contribution you are making to the Electric Skateboard industry and community )) Well Done )) keep up the great work )) Cheers Andrew Penman YouTube )( EBoard Reviews

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