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Onan Booster Cloned?

I hate research that involves China. It’s a mirror-lined rabbit hole. I’m not following up with this for now. But I want all the links here. Onan Booster About Us site Jiachebao (JCB) booster page JCB Electric Booster Alibaba page … Continue reading

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Uh-Oh. That Electric ELOS In America? It Could Be A CLONE!

Something nagged at me well over an hour after I did this post: First Electric ELOS Spotted In America. Well, two things actually. First, that US$200 price. That’s just not possible with an ELOS. As I’ve said, the kick skateboard … Continue reading

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They Should Call This The “Ride And Die”

The owner of the Rider store — who gave us great videos of the Ninebot/Segway KickScooter, among others — visited China on a business trip and did an eye-popping video. One of his discoveries:

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Thanksgiving Weekend In Review

I saw 3 Boosted Boards. One crossing Liberty Street, Saturday afternoon. This is a guy I might have seen earlier. Then that evening, two zooming north on the west side bike path below Liberty Street. Even if I had a … Continue reading

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First Electric ELOS Spotted In America

Damn! FabTRAV gets to hang around with all the cool stuff. This time, it’s the first ELOS electric skateboard spotted in America! More screensnaps after the break.

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