First Electric ELOS Spotted In America

Damn! FabTRAV gets to hang around with all the cool stuff.

This time, it’s the first ELOS electric skateboard spotted in America!

More screensnaps after the break.

He’s hanging out with one of the principals from Ionboard.

My thinking is that the Ionboard guy lives in Taiwan. He either brought the ELOS over himself or a co-worker did. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a conversion by Johnny. But I’ve never seen that color deck, so that’s an additional bit of mystery. Plus, that rear truck looks different from the one Johnny uses. Maddening mystery!

As for the price, no way was that US$200. The kick board itself is close to that. The electric parts are over US$100. The lowest I can see with labor included is US$350-$375 (although I wouldn’t be surprised by US$400).

Now the video:

Help me to build an Electric Skateboard

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