First Electric ELOS Clone: The Ionegg

I had this information several hours ago but was selfishly withholding it.

I checked yesterday and swear I didn’t see it at all. Today I rechecked, and there it was. They must have put it up after yesterday’s video by FabTRAV. Here, on their Kickstarter.

I had a very good, albeit selfish, reason to STFU about it. They say there will be only fifty for the Kickstarter campaign. I wanted to keep it quiet so I could see about raising the funds to snag one.

Then the trap was sprung: No PayPal. Because Kickstarter needs a credit card for delayed billing. Argh!

Sooooo… all I can do is hope that Ionboard will actually produce more after their campaign. And accept PayPal.

The jig was up for me anyway. Because this post was prompted by FabTRAV doing a video all about the board. And it contained a big surprise too.

First, more Kickstarter imagery:

And now the whopping huge surprise from the FabTRAV video:

Three variants were shown!

Single hub motor, dual hub motor, and the one that made me swoon: Belt drive!

I know everyone says hub — or direct drive — is the future. But I still can’t get over being impressed by the power I’ve seen in videos for the Benchwheel Penny and Arc Board. They are both single belt drive boards.

Over in Taiwan, Johnny still hasn’t gotten in the new Sony battery for his belt drive electric ELOS. So what’s happening over there is still a question mark. But it seems Ionboard has created a way.

I have no idea what the range of the belt drive Ionegg would be. But just get it in my hands. If the battery isn’t soldered to the ESC, I can carry a spare to extend the range by unscrewing the enclosure to swap (the Meepo Method). Maybe I’d even find a way to mimic Oren’s sandwich container enclosures to make it easier. Who knows?

Now, some screensnaps from the video:

They listened to FabTRAV and got rid of the ridiculous risers under the trucks:

But since the belt drive variant has larger wheels — probably 83mm vs 70 or 72mm for the hub — the board is subject to wheel bite when turning.

As far as I know, the first American civilian to ride one of these beasts:

I am so damned jealous!

Hell, Ionboard! Make the belt drive Ionegg! And put it on a site where you accept PayPal for payment!

Now the video:

CRAZY MINI Electric Skateboard

Note to FabTRAV who seems to dismiss such a small board: Not everyone is a pro skateboarder! And not everyone wants to lug around something between 30-36 inches! The Ionegg — as is its unacknowledged father, the ELOS — are perfect sizes for carrying around. ELOS seems to have no interest in making an electric one, however. So the Ionegg is the only choice aside from difficult DIY.

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