Electric ELOS Clone Ionegg Renamed To Ionpod

This is an interesting turn of events. So whose lawyer contacted Ionboard with a Cease and Desist? I can’t see how ELOS could make a claim on “egg.” But I think Eggboards can and maybe did.

Anyway, the new name:

And there’s another thing of some interest, although puzzling.


But there’s no further information about that at their Kickstarter aside from the name change.

And what makes this puzzling is that — at post time — zero people have backed the Ionpod. As someone else pointed out to me, Chinese factories have MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities). The MOQ for the Ionpod could be that entire fifty. Will they make at least fifty as a product? But fifty of which? Single hub motor, dual hub motor, or belt drive? (MOQs can actually be as a low as ten sometimes, depending on the product.)

I’m surprised no one has backed the Ionpod. Meanwhile, over in Taiwan, from what I’ve seen in his videos, Johnny must be approaching one hundred conversions of ELOS into electric. The guy takes delivery of ten ELOS kick skateboards at a time. And then there are the people who send in their individuals boards to be modded. There’s no lack of popularity for such a board of that shape and size in Taiwan!

Stay tuned. This saga isn’t over yet.

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