Video: Fireball XL5 Reimagined In CGI

Well, this is quite extraordinary!

And I do mean extraordinary. I’ve seen other fan revisions and this has to be the best of them all. Really, there are aspects of it that surpass the high-budgeted New Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds Are Go.


They have hair! It’s almost Pixar-like, the hair design. Neither of the other two big-dollar remakes managed to pull that off!

In addition, the fabrics have texture and proper wrinkles. That’s more realistic than the Gumby-like costuming of the “professional” remakes.

I’m a bit weirded-out by the new Robert the Robot …

… but that the transparency was kept was just great.

The touches in this are just fantastic. Like the new short-sleeved leisure uniform:

And, man, look at the lighting and the way it sculpts their faces:

There are also views never seen in the original series:

This is one hell of an effort. It’s the most faithful to the spirit of the original series I’ve yet seen. Plus, it uses the original episode soundtrack. Man, just the synchronization alone to new visuals had to be an effort!

I really can’t rave about this enough. Walt Rupar gets it. He understood the charms of the original series and made an effort to make them modern-day. This guy should be given a budget by whoever the hell is holding the rights to reimagine the entire XL5 series in CGI. And team him up with Andrew McCully. They would kick ass and that would be one hell of a series to watch.

Well done indeed, Walt!

Fireball XL5 Episode 1 PLANET 46 Part 1

Fireball XL5 Episode 1 Planet 46 Part 2

The original episode:

Fireball XL5 Ep 01 Planet 46

Previously here:

R.I.P. TV Series Co-Creator Sylvia Anderson
R.I.P. Special Effects & CGI Pioneer Ron Thornton
R.I.P. TV Producer Arthur Provis
The REAL Thunderbirds Progresses

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2 Responses to Video: Fireball XL5 Reimagined In CGI

  1. Mick says:

    The idea’s great, but the characters look like hideous waxworks suffering from an overdose of muscle-bulking steroids.
    The original Venus was cute and sexy. This one looks like she’s been dragged back from the dead.

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