Johnny In Taiwan Gets Ten More ELOS

In his latest video, Johnny again receives a shipment of ten ELOS kick skateboards to convert to electric:

Over at ELOS HQ, they must notice this guy’s ten-at-a-time buying spree and know he’s converting them to electric. When will they offer an electric one?

Also in his latest video, he says something about the hub motor:

He spins it close to the camera and it seems to have a clicking noise. Loose internal grub screw maybe? I don’t know.

Meanwhile, over the Ionboard Kickstarter page, someone has bought one of the fifty Ionpod electric skateboards:


Here’s Johnny’s latest video, with the ELOS material beginning at 13:55:

VLOG 20171129|臨時月底領支票|有關我用的辦公椅不推薦|月底維修零件集體返廠|Drobo 5D3到了準備填滿它 12TB攻頂|

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