The Strangest Secret

Idly tooling through YouTube, I came across the unabridged (and likely pirated!) version of Earl Nightingale’s audiobook of The Strangest Secret.

I’ve heard it before.

But I had a lull in my research, saw it was just about a half hour long, and decided to listen to it again.

Although I wasn’t paying full attention (something that really shouldn’t be done when listening to it, but remember, I’d heard it before), three sentences managed to stand out to me. And this even though I’d listened before!

I was going to recount which ones here, but that would be unhelpful. Because maybe three different sentences would pop out for other people. Or maybe just one. Or as many as five. It depends on the listener. Things like this are tricky. People want to be told “X” to get “Y.” The “X” depends on the “Y” but both are based on the person.

This is why there’s such variety in the world. Different things appeal to different people.

Anyway, after the break, take a half hour out and listen.

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale Full Audiobook Unabridged

What? You don’t want to sit in a front a screen for just audio? Here, let Google help. Or you could use what I’ve used in the past.

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