Video: Kurt V. Unboxes The New S5 Dual-Motor Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

After much delay, he finally got it!

Some screensnaps:

This is the first carbon fiber electric scooter that has had to be modified for the European market. There’s a secondary locking mechanism to ensure the primary locking mechanism stays in place. Anyone ordering this direct from China will probably get the Chinese version without that safeguard. Depending on the seller, it’s also likely the scooter will contain cheap Chinese batteries, not LG or Samsung.

Kurt was able to give it a ride before the weather went bad. He’s very impressed with the power, especially for climbing hills. The weather has to get better before he can do another video with all of the formal tests. That’s something to look forward to.

Unlike past models, this is no longer a completely carbon fiber scooter. The deck is now aluminum because that’s where most of the batteries are housed. That deck can’t flex because it would damage the batteries.

It remains to be seen what this will cost in American dollars and if it will ever reach the American market.

Unboxing the S5 dual motor electric carbon fiber scooter

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2 Responses to Video: Kurt V. Unboxes The New S5 Dual-Motor Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

  1. Kirk Ryan says:

    Is the locking mechanism the only difference between the European and Chinese models. Where to purchase for USA market – do you know?

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