Editing Action Cam Video On An iPad

Using that 10.5-inch iPad Pro this weekend really got me thinking.

When I finally have an electric transport of my own, I’d like to have two helmet cams mounted, front and back. Although front is primarily to document a ride, it’s also there for safety. The back camera is primarily for safety — in case of being hit from behind or a mugging attempt.

I had been leaning towards editing such video on a Samsung Chromebook Plus after seeing a video about that. But a recent development caused the guy to want to change what he uses, so things are now up in the air on that front.

So I was wondering about using an iPad.

And then I saw a video that floored me and made me decide that’s the best way to eventually go.

There are probably more detailed and more recent videos, but this is the one that sold me.

Pro Video Editing on your iPad?? An awesome NEW app!

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