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Please Hold …

Reddit: Makes me wonder if something has gone wrong somewhere in the world. Well, that’ll have to wait. The blogging day is concluded.

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FWG’s C6 Power Blade Battery

A battery you can physically rejuvenate? Not disposable? That’s what the Forward Working Group is developing. See the video after the break.

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Belt Drive Electric ELOS In 3D!

Slap on your VR headset. Johnny in Taiwan got his hands on the SID 3D camera (prior post) and I asked him to do an ELOS ride video. This is just over three minutes long and the actual ride footage … Continue reading

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WTF Traffic Spike And Plagiarism

I’ve got inbound links from Tumblr, Issuu, fiverr, and Medium. The first three, I can’t get to at all. The link from Medium reveals me being ripped off: I don’t give a shit that it links back to my blog. … Continue reading

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Johnny’s Excellent Electric Belt-Drive ELOS Adventure

JohnnyPa (or Johnny Dong) continues to incite insane jealousy in me. He’s just gotten in the new Sony battery for his modified belt-drive electric ELOS. Some more screensnaps after the break.

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No Weather For eRiding

Click = big At least no snow. Yet?

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The Crooked Game

Yeah, this ties in to the earlier post about the re-emergence(? did it ever disappear? No!) of corruption in the tech press. Just watch the video after the break. It’s short. It’s powerful. And then I’ll tell you why it … Continue reading

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eSkateboards Surpass eScooters In Marketing, Part 3,057

As crude as the video after the break is, it’s still better than 99% of the dreck videos posted on YouTube for eScooters.

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Ionboard — And Ionpod — Now Has A Website

It’s here. I don’t know when it went up. Stumbled on it last night past Blogging Hours. And the section for Ionpod is here. Ah, look at this sexy beast: Customized griptape is offered as a US$40 option. I just … Continue reading

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Hey, Kids! Tech Press Corruption Is Back!

Riiiight. Like it really ever left! You would think everyone would have learned the lesson by now. It sunk some magazines in the pre-Net 1980s. It caused another scandal in the post-Net days that made the Federal Trade Commission step … Continue reading

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