The Crooked Game

Yeah, this ties in to the earlier post about the re-emergence(? did it ever disappear? No!) of corruption in the tech press.

Just watch the video after the break. It’s short. It’s powerful.

And then I’ll tell you why it matters to me.

Advice That Jeffrey Katzenberg Gave To Me That Changed My Life by Larry Wilson

“A straight player in a crooked game.”

That’s always been my goal, here and elsewhere.

So many people are only interested in themselves getting ahead. They don’t give a shit if they manipulate you into thinking something is significant or even good as long as their palms are greased one way or another. It could be free swag, it could be free meals, it could be free trips (one guy I know of went to Japan!), it could be a few bucks. They have a price.

I don’t have a price.

Because fuck you.

I have to live with myself before anyone else. I also have to face my cats. And Cats Know.

Either your shit is good and I’ll praise it and recommend it for being good or it’s not good. And then fuck you for daring to put something not good out and don’t give me any goddammed excuses when you’ve got that corner office and salary and bonuses and stock options and paid-up condo and several weeks of paid vacation and possibly even free or company-subsidized food. There is no excuse.

So, that’s how it is over here.

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