December 9-10, 2017 Weekend In Review

The snow happened. Two inches where I am. Misery while it lasted and the next morning there was ice. At least it wasn’t the 3-5″ forecasted. Half of it melted and evaporated during the sunny Sunday.

Wired magazine has a pop-up store in the Winter Garden. The central item is a car called Genesis. What was most interesting to me was a Uscooters Booster electric scooter — in a rare white color. Locked-down and uncharged on a pedestal. So no test rides and no way to even stand on it to get any sort of impression.

No e-riders sighted. I hunkered down. The only things moving on the bike path were pedal and stealth electric bikes making deliveries (probably food for the rich), even during the snow and even over the icy path the next day.

Weekend reading was The Thief by Fuminori Nakamura and The Golden Gizmo by Jim Thompson.

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