Communique From The Maker Of The Dual-Motor S5 Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

This is an extremely rare event. So rare that it’s getting promoted from Comments to a post.

A Chinese electric scooter maker was actually communicative! It’s YJC Industrial, the maker of S5 reviewed by Kurt V.

The Comment is rather lengthy but informative. See it after the break.

I’ve retained typos because it adds to the authenticity. I’ve bolded what they’re quoting from my post.


Hi Blogger, I am Valley from YJC industiral, the maker of S5 daul motor scooters.At first wanna thank you for writing this passage. We apprecitate your comment,and we also discuss in our internal team, with our poject team and engineers.

Pls check the following queries to answers to coments and question:

1) There is no total odometer.
Answer: About this , we are considering, and figuring a solution to add it.

2) Speed is in kilometers per hour and cannot be changed to miles per hour. More suckage. That would have been trivial to add.
Answer: About this , we are considering, and figuring a solution to add it.

3) There is no app although a Bluetooth symbol appears on the control panel. What were they even thinking in 2017?
Answer: about the blue tooth, as per our market survery, it’s not neccessary, so we decide to cancel, and foucs on the scooter pratical use more

4) The loud horn is also a low-battery indicator and will beep every damn two seconds until the issue is resolved. That will be irritating to riders and pedestrians.
Answer:Yupe , for the low volatage alarm, we already modifed the controller systems, and add switch on soocter, you can choose to turn it off after you get alarm.

5) There is no Cruise Control. A rider has to keep thumb pressure on the throttle. WTF!
Answer: it’s good, we will do it. At present, it’s a common problem for this kind portable electric scooter. (Cuz usaully this kind scooter used as first and last mile solution),while for S5,it’s with more than 30KM mileage, so we should do it.Thank you.

6) Acceleration happens as soon as the throttle is pressed. No kick-to-start legal loophole. This makes it immediately totally illegal in New York City.
Answer: For this point, we already solve this porblem, and the start mode can be swithched by user when they get our new S5 scooter.

7) Recharging the battery can take up to five hours. That’s just nuts.
Answer: About this, we will keep do effort, while it take long time, cuz the charging time is decided by the battery capacity, and it’s also a common problem in battery industiral, no fast charging tech yet.

8) The European model uses quality batteries. The Chinese model likely uses cheap generic Chinese batteries.
Answer:For S5, we only use LG battery cell, and the batterty supply (RYDBATT),very famous manufacturer, they are also the battery supplier to BYD Auto.

9) When folded, the scooter’s stem can still rotate. It would lock in one place with prior models.
Answer: About this , when you lift it up by the scooter stem, and the the deck would rotate to the limit position , then it will not move anymore, so if use carry several meter,it’s still ok. Once you try it, you will total understand.

It’s interesting that they’re listening and willing to change things. If more companies in China did this, they’d find greater success.

It’s too bad there’s no groundswell for a Bluetooth app.

As for the lack of cruise control, leaving it out because of thinking of it solely as a last-mile vehicle is understandable. But most people will quickly see such a transport is also fun and take it out for weekend excursions.

Thank you for taking time out to contact me, YJC. Good luck with the S5.

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